Why Our Foundation?

Our Vision

Faith in the Future aims to make Catholic education affordable for any family that desires it.

Since the year 2000, more than 2,000 Catholic schools Chrome Hearts across the country have closed. Most have been priced out of business. Quite simply, tuition has become a significant barrier to entry for many families. Fortunately, the cost of Catholic education here in Philadelphia is among the very lowest in the United States. Still, it remains out of reach for thousands of parents forced to keep their children in failing schools whose only redeeming characteristic is their free cost.

Today, across our 17 high schools and four schools of special education, we are educating over 14,000 students with a capacity to serve as many as 14,000 more. Our immediate goal is to bring 6,000 more students into our schools, give them a first-rate education, and demonstrate how investing in Catholic schools is the quickest Chrome Hearts eyewear path to improving our local educational economy and our region’s future.

Our Mission

By a management agreement with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Faith in the Future has operational responsibility for 17 high schools and 4 schools of special education, as well as operational oversight over the Office of Catholic Education. Faith in the Future (1) assumes responsibility for funding any operational deficits (2) reinvests surpluses to fund new growth and new educational programs and (3) improves operations and provides marketing and enrollment strategy to expand schools.

Foundation Operations Infographic

Our Strategy

Affordable Catholic education requires sound business practices to complement our passion for our product. The end result will be a financially self-sustaining system of schools—first expanded by making new sources of tuition assistance available to more families.

This strategy requires constant attention to five key levels of growth:

  1. Driving enrollment across the system, focusing first on getting all schools to break even.
  2. Professionalizing fundraising both to create a self-funding pool of tuition assistance and to finance new capital projects.
  3. Building added capacity into our people to lead, teach, and operate 21st century schools.
  4. Enhancing our educational programs to compete in new segments and meet the unique needs of our students.
  5. Deploying technology to measure, monitor, and drive these improvements.

Reinvestment Goals

By reinvesting our surplus funds in improving our educational services at lower costs, we will make high quality educational opportunities available to an increasingly larger number of families each year.

Target Investments

  • Operational Leadership
    • Development, Enrollment and Marketing
  • Educational Programming
    • Expanded Special Education Programs
    • Career Readiness & Vocational Training
    • Advanced Placement & Higher Ed Partnerships
    • Leadership Training
  • Technology
    • Student Information System, Learning Management & Academic Assessment
  • Self-Funding Tuition Assistance
    • Need-Based Scholarships for Class of '18, '19, '20

An average $2,000 assistance package will generate an additional 1,400 students or 10% growth when leveraged with Maguire Scholarships and OSTC funding.

This growth in enrollment will result in approximately $5M in added revenue each year, 80% of which will be used to fund the tuition assistance pool on an ongoing basis.

After year three, the tuition assistance program will be self-funded.